Why did you start blogging?

I started writing Apples Under My Bed as I had all this food chatter in my brain and needed a space to let it out. My parents, husband and brother were used to my questions and indulged me “what did you eat for breakfast?”, “what yoghurt are you buying now?”, “I just made the best pasta recipe, can I talk you through it so you can make it for future girlfriends?”….but really, it was a palpable need for me and a kindness to them. 


What does your blog cover?

My blog is my food diary. I write about my life, what I cook, where I travel and what I eat. On my blog you’ll find posts on home-cooked meals with family, favourite recipes, travel tales from Sicily to San Francisco, as well as thoughts on getting back to the basics and employing mindfulness in the kitchen.


About Heidi

Heidi Sze writes her food blog, Apples Under My Bed, and practices as a Dietitian from her private practice, Gather and Grow Nutrition, on the Mornington Peninsula. She has a passion for helping people nourish themselves well and enjoy their food. She also has a passion for making blueberry pie and ice-cream. As well as running her private practice, Heidi also writes about food and travel, and creates recipes, for various publications.

You can find Heidi on instagram & twitter @heidiapples