Hi there, my name is Samantha and am currently un taking my Masters in dietetics and am looking for dietician assistant roles to gain some industry experience. I have completed a bachelors in food science (majoring in food innovation and development) and am really passionate about oncology, renal and the gastroenterology side of dietetics but would love to cement this passion by gaining industry experience.

Hi there, My name is Samantha and I am a Melbourne-based Master of dietetics student looking to gain some experience in the industry whilst partaking my studies. I have a passion for food chemistry, biochemistry, physics and anatomy which is what has led me to presume my passions by complete if my masters. I also currently hold a bachelors (with distinction) in nutrition science (food innovation and development major). I am Currently in the search for any vacant dietician assistant roles, nutrition assistant roles or roles that will allow for industry experience. Current streams of interests in the fields of dietetics are gastroenterology, renal and oncology. If there are any vacant positions available, please do not hesitate to be in contact

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