Hi, my name is Alessandra and I hold a bachelor of nutrition science from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Since graduating in 2016, I have gained a momentum of experience working with many corporate companies and individuals both in Australia and in Italy.

I am a dedicated nutritionist, with a goal of helping people reach their health potential for a healthier life. I deliver  personalised and evidence-based dietary programs to my clients. My success is driven by her passion for nutritional education, and the knowledge that a healthy diet can still be delicious. I believe that with the right tools and knowledge anyone can make long-term changes for a healthy life.  I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic and desire to make long-term changes for a sustainable future. 

I am currently looking for any work in nutrition education or promotion, some examples of my previous work include:

  • corporate information seminars for office, gyms, school or on the go employees.
  • home education sessions with families to improve their understanding of food and learning the basics to build a healthy and balanced meal.
  • helping cafes and restaurants build upon their knowledge of healthy foods to provide their customers with the most current information.
  • digital content and blog post creations

I am also open to new opportunities and am willing to give anything a go.