Graduate nutritionist and student dietitian from the University of Sydney. Highly motivated with professional and personal experiences across private practice, clinical research, social media, health writing, database management and community and student leadership. Seeking any opportunity to refine my skills and learn more about what is out there in the world of nutrition and dietetics!

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Nadia, and I’m a graduate nutritionist (Bsc) and current student dietitian (MND).

I have immense passion for health and wellbeing, solidified by experiences across a range of professional, personal and community roles. I absolutely love studying dietetics. I would appreciate any opportunity to put my newfound skills into practice, while also offering you any of the range of skills I’ve developed in the various roles I’ve had alongside my studies.

You can head over to my LinkedIn or Instagram (@thoughtfullynutrition) to find out more about me. If you think we would work well together, please don’t hesitate to reach out!