My name is Jordan Lofts and I have graduated as a Dietitian from the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2020. I am looking for any type of nutrition and dietetic work anywhere in Australia. I am willing to locate anywhere for experience. I am currently a casual Nutrition Assistant for Sunshine Coast Hospital Health Services and have been working as a Nutrition Assistant for a year while completing University placement. My interests include Diabetes, Oncology, Chronic health diseases, paediatrics and surgical but wanting to explore other areas as well.

During my University clinical placements I have gained experience in a range of different areas within a hospital, community and private practice setting. I have gained experience in Oncology, Malnutrition, Diabetes, COPD, Renal, Weight Management, Post Surgical, Liver Cirrhosis, Parkinson Disease, Short bowel obstruction, Post Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease, General Medicine and Enteral feeding.

My work as a Nutrition Assistant as enabled me to gain valuable hospital experience within the food service section of the hospital and the clinical section by screening patients for malnutrition risks, updating patients dietary codes/preferences and providing nutrition support through mid meals.

I am very keen to gain experience as a dietitian and provide a patient centred approach to each patient I work with.

My long term goals include travelling to England and working as a Dietitian there for a while, gaining experience in paediatrics and eventually starting my own business.


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