I am a third year student studying a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Nutrition and Metabolism) at the University of Sydney with the intention of pursuing a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics as I hope to become a dietitian one day. I would love to gain any insight and experience in the field of nutrition, dietetics and public health, so I would welcome any opportunity to expand my nutrition and dietetics expertise through paid or unpaid work. I am happy to travel should any opportunity come up.

I currently work part-time as a Clinical Research Associate, so I am experienced in areas such as administration, management, patient support and interpersonal communication. I have undertaken some volunteer work experience at a private dietetics practice which has familiarised me with the Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines in practice. I am very passionate about health and enjoy helping individuals of all ages, so I also volunteer for Nutrition Australia and have previously volunteered for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia.