Current second year Masters Dietetic Student from University of Sydney
Looking to broaden my knowledge and skills in the dietetic field
either private practice, community, public health, social media/marketing platforms etc.

I am driven student dietitian whom has great passion in nutrition and helping others. Having completed my placements through my university degree, I find it a great time for me to further build upon my dietetic skills and knowledge by exposing myself to new opportunities such as volunteering. I would like more insight through the diversity of specialty areas for a dietitian and open-minded to any opportunities to learn and grow upon my scope of practice.

I love to create nutrition content and share my cooked meals/recipes during the spare time through my own nutrition blog on social media.

As a student I find the importance of networking and connecting to others in the field. I find it also helpful to learn from mentors to gain their wisdom and also insight on their dietetic journey. Feel free to contact me.