Recent graduate, 3 years experience working in a hospital, interested in all areas of dietetics, willing to travel for work.


I have recently graduated as a dietitian from Curtin University. I am passionate about helping people meet their health goals, and looking for a position which will provide me with the opportunity to do this. I have worked in a hospital for almost three years as an administrative assistant, and therefore feel comfortable in a hospital environment. However, I am also interested in private practice, community health and food service areas of dietetics, and would gladly welcome any opportunities.

I am a very enthusiastic person and I love a challenge. While completing my degree, I was also provided the opportunity to present at both the national DAA conference and DAA WA symposium. Additionally, I volunteered for 12 months at the dietetics department at the hospital where I work, as well as being a committee member for both Curtin’s Nutrition and Dietetics Student Association, and Curtin Toastmasters.

Please feel free to contact me at any time