Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am going to be finishing my Dietetic Masters Degree in late July! I am extremely excited and eager to start my career in dietetics, hence why I am posting this submission before I have even finished!

Due to Covid, I have had to split my 10 week clinical placement in half so I will be fresh out of clinical placement once I am ready to work. The areas I have been exposed to so far has been paediatrics (fussy eating particularly), dementia, GEM, rehab, GI, FODMAPs, fertility, women’s health, pregnancy, diabetes, renal and refeeding syndrome. Once I complete the second half of my clinical placement, I am sure I will experience some other dietetic areas. The areas I am interested in is paediatrics, HAES, GI/ FODMAPs, pregnancy, women’s health and renal although, I would love experience in anything! I would love to work in community health as the team dynamic is more tightly knitted than clinical, there would be more opportunity to go out into the community and run some education sessions, and you are more likely to build stronger relationships with clients by being with them along their health journey.

As an employee, I am extremely humble, bubbly, hard working, dedicated and organised. Many of my co-workers from my hospitality work, fellow dietetic classmates and supervisors can see my passion in this field of work. I am always seeking ways to improve how I work as well as learning about how other people may address an issue.

Ironically, in between studying recently, my mother-in-law and I have started our own baking business where we make cookies, cupcakes and cakes because I feel as if people can be so hard on themselves about enjoying delicious, soulful foods that society gives a bad name to. When people ask what I do besides baking, I announce I am about to be a dietitian which they find amusing! This is my way of promoting HAES aligned dietitians and that people should be able to enjoy foods they love, regardless of how they are framed in society. Additionally, I have promoted myself as a future dietitian/ nutritionist publicly and have helped some individuals in the community with nutrition questions/ enquiries to increase my exposure over the time I am not undertaking placement.

Ultimately, I would love to work with a team who are extremely passionate about helping  people, delivering the best patient centred care, are HAES aligned, are approachable, supportive and love to reflect on their experiences as a dietitian, as I know how important it can be to reflect on our work.

If I seem to be the right fit for your team, feel free to contact me!

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