Ambitious hard-working graduate nutritionist/dietitian seeking any opportunity ( paid/volunteer work) to broaden my skills and gain experience.

Hello. My name is betty zeaiter. I’m a fresh graduate nutritionist/dietitian from Beirut, Lebanon. I studied at Notre Dame University. I’m an Australian citizen who has relocated to Sydney, Australia because of the war and bomb that happened recently there.

I am passionate about dietetics, my enthusiasm for work shows when engaging with clients: I am always smiling, and I have a positive attitude. This proved to enhance their motivation and gave them incentives to achieve their dietary goal. My strong abilities in program planning, multitasking, and relationship management—along with my strong communication and organization skills—position me to thrive in this role. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping people attain their goals. I am knowledgeable about nutrition and dietetics and I enjoy sharing my expertise.

You will find me as someone who is committed to encouraging people to adopt healthier eating habits so that they are always at the topmost level of their mental and physical capabilities. I have a solid knowledge of safe food preparation techniques and have the ability to design and implement meal plans according to patients’ health needs or dietary requirements.

I am very interested and open to any volunteer/ paid work to gain experience and to broaden my skills, knowledge and vision in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need me.

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