Explore two days of practice-transforming content, where you will discover the secret language of food and how to decode its healing signals into clinical practice. Your further understanding of the rapidly evolving science of Nutrition ensures your practice and patients will be the winners.

Twelve speakers from around the globe will guide us in unveiling the Secret Language of Food, a programme which is superbly complemented by an experiential gastronomic journey that includes a ‘Taste the Science’ educational event and a Mediterranean-themed gala event, ‘Dinner in the Vineyard’.

​The evidence supporting the roles of macro- and micro-nutrients in human health has been well-established over many decades and has become the foundation on which clinicians address conditions they perceive to be nutrition-related.

​Lesser-known are the roles played by other food molecules, many of which have been identified in the last 20 years as potent signalling molecules. This fact, together with the vast body of knowledge that emerged after the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 puts food rightfully back in the spotlight.

​Nutrition Science emerging as the 21st Century unfolds is markedly enhancing our understanding of the complexity of food and especially the manner in which its thousands of bioactive molecules influence the expression of our genes; this knowledge must change the way we practise nutritional therapies.

​This symposium has been convened to highlight and simplify the complex and intricate interactions between food-derived molecules and human cells, thereby enabling clinicians to practically implement this added dimension to their patient care.

Speakers and topics:



Dr Christine Houghton – Introducing the Secret Language of Food: Translating the Principles of the Evolving Science

Ms Amanda Archibald – The Mediterranean Diet through the lens of Nutrigenomics 

Dr David Montgomery & Anne Biklé – How the Soil Microbiome plays key interactive roles with the Human Microbiome

Mr Matthew Lim – Emerging Properties of Phytochemicals: Challenging the narrative on what makes food “good” for us.

Dr Yael Joffe – The Chicken and the Egg: Bringing Together the Worlds of Genetics and Epigenetics

Dr Brad Leech – Functional Dysbiosis: The ‘Food as Medicine’ Approach

Dr Leland Stillman – Ironic Realities of Iron and Iron-Overload

Mrs Jenny Blondel – Building a Successful Practice in Nutritional Medicine: A Focus on the Essentials

Panel Discussion: Day 1 Speakers



Dr Christine Houghton – The Many Faces of Inflammation: New Avenues for Clinical Management

Dr Tim Ewer – An Integrative Approach to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Neurological disease

Group Educational Event – Taste the Science:  A series of short presentations focused on foods with exceptional signalling properties

Ms Margeaux Kruger – How the Science Underpinning Ancient Fasting Methods can Address Gut Immune-related Illness.

Dr Tessa Henville – Manual Therapy Considerations and Techniques for Professionals in the Gastro-Intestinal and Nutrition Fields

Dr Yael Joffe – ‘Genes First’: Genetics as a Screening Tool

Mr Robert Thomas – Metallothionein a Little-Known Protein: Key to the Clinical Management of Heavy Metal Detoxification

Ms Amanda Archibald – Culinary Genomics: Translating Nutrigenomic ‘Therapy’ to the Plate

Panel Discussion: Day 2 Speakers

We look forward to seeing you there!


Cost: $895 until April 30th, $1095 until sold out.

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