This foundational course is designed to teach you about the Non-Diet Approach and weight-neutral dietetic practice. By the completion of the course and assessment items you will have demonstrated a nuanced understanding of how to apply the Non-Diet Approach principles in your practice. It covers a lot of ground, from the evidence against weight-centric approaches, to the evidence for weight-neutral approaches, from the philosophical underpinnings of Health at Every Size (R) to the application of practice principles using the Nutrition Care Process.

The modules in this course are:

  1. Introduction and Orientation
  2. Weight Research and Weight Bias
  3. The Health at Every Size movement
  4. The Non-Diet Approach: Self Compassion and introduction to the Five Practice Principles
  5. Principle 1: Accept and Embrace Body Cues
  6. Principle 2: Accept and Embrace All Foods
  7. Principle 3: Accept and Embrace Body Shape
  8. Principle 4: Accept and Embrace Joyful Movement
  9. Principle 5: Accept and Embrace Non-Diet Nutrition
  10. Is the Non-Diet Approach evidence based practice?
  11. The Non-Diet Approach and the Nutrition Care Process

This course is perfect for dietitians working in private practice, weight management clinics and hospital outpatient services. It is equivalent to Day 1 of the Health, Not Diets face-to-face workshops for dietitians.

Assessment: There are six pieces of written assessment an essay, a reflection, two handouts, a descriptive report and a case study report. You don’t have to complete the assessment unless you would like the certificate of completion in order to use this course as ‘Professional Education – Assessed’ for your CPD. The course will take about 30 hours to complete including assessment tasks. Completing the course also makes it easier for you to meet the criteria for a service listing with HAES Australia.