Our 3 Day Psychological Approaches to Obesity course teaches specific skills for working with obese adults by addressing the practical and psychological factors they may be experiencing. We take a non-diet approach to this issue and concentrate instead on equipping people with skills and solutions they might need to increase self efficacy and autonomy. Our approach encourages individuals to reject weight and shape goals and to concentrate instead on health behaviour change and body acceptance. The course is suitable for counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, addiction specialists, coaches, doctors, psychiatrists, dietitians, nutritionists, nurses and social workers at all levels of experience and qualification. You will learn about The mechanics of weight gain and weight loss Maintaining factors, a model for treatment Working with ambivalence – useful exercises and tests Motivational approaches Hunger and appetite in obesity Relationship issues, self-sabotage and collusion Mindset of obesity Emotional and comfort eating Dealing with plateaus Body image interventions