A comprehensive online program that assists dietitians to upskill in prenatal nutrition

‘Nutrition Therapy for Pregnancy’ is a comprehensive 8-week online program that assists dietitians to upskill in prenatal nutrition.

The program walks you step by step through the theory and skills that you need to assist your clients who are pregnant so that you can help them optimise their health and give their baby a headstart in life.

It includes:

  • 8 comprehensive education modules – to provide you with an in depth understanding of how nutrition therapy impacts pregnancy. These modules are available to in a combination of video, audible and written formats so that you can consume the material in the method that best suits your learning style.
  • Weekly live discussion sessions – every week you’ll have access to experts in a live video session to enable you to ask questions and build upon the theory.
  • Interactive activities such as case studies and panel discussions – to help reinforce key messages and translate theory into practice.
  • Test your knowledge quizzes – to help you consolidate your learnings.
  • Listing on the Nutrition Plus website healthcare professional directory – to enable you to be found by clients looking for healthcare professionals with skills in this area.
  • Plus bonus resources: including a pregnancy nutrition checklist

Professional development points

  • By completing this course you may be eligible to claim hours of professional development points

Course dates

  • Registrations are now open, however the course will begin from September 21st and run for 8 weeks.