A one day workshop for health professionals providing the essential introductory core skills and knowledge for providing effective behaviour change counselling in the form of Motivational Interviewing

This dynamic workshop aims to provide the essential start-up knowledge for practising effective behaviour change counselling in a one day format. Suitable for all health & counselling service professionals working with behavior change, the workshop provides essential MI theory but is primarily focused on delivering quality, evidence based experiential learning. The training format includes guided paired experientials, video & live demonstrations, real life scenarios and time for individual reflection. Attendees are supported to reflect on their experiences with assisting clients and also their own personal change process to understand what works and what does not when it comes to helping people to change. The experientials and demonstrations affirm each attendees’ own unique developing skill base. This ensures attendees leave with skills that they are confident and excited to implement. The workshop embodies the ‘Spirit’ of MI by respecting the experience, ideas and learning autonomy of attendees.