Presents professionals with the theoretical and practical considerations of the “Sensations of Everyday Life” in a family partnership model. Covers Sensory Processing, how it impacts on behaviour, relationships and everyday activities including Mealtimes. Covers all the latest theory and research on sensory processing, attachment, trauma, pain, stress, self regulation, how these impact on everyday activities and experiences (eg mealtimes). Gillian Griffiths is an engaging and highly knowledgeable facilitator and is the co-author of the book “Sense-ational Mealtimes” with Dr Denise Stapleton, APD.

Email [email protected] for workshop flyer with full workshop content.

3-Day Workshop covering Foundation, Assessment, Intervention ($695).

Variety of attendance options depending on how much depth of practice you would like eg professionals wanting an overview can attend only Day 1 ($280) or Day 1 & Day 3 together ($560) if also wanting to cover intervention.