This practical and comprehensive course has been designed to meet the Health Coaching Association of New Zealand and Australia’s core competencies that mirror international health coaching standards. Health practitioners who also complete the follow-on Mastery course are eligible for full membership of the association and the highest level of health coaching recognition in Australia.

In this course you will learn the specialist coaching skills and theories to empower clients to harness their motivation and support them to build confidence, self-awareness, positivity, focusing on strengths as they utilise learnings from past failures and successes to overcome barriers and increase facilitators for change.

What we cover in this training:

Principles and mindset of health coaching

  • Health behaviour change principles, models and techniques
  • Coaching approach and mindset
  • Positive psychology and appreciative inquiry

Relationship building skills

  • Foundations of empathy, trust and awareness
  • Encouraging curiosity and autonomy
  • Strategies for effective communication
  • Empowered listening and questioning

Readiness to change

  • Assessing readiness to change behaviour/s
  • Communication strategies to match readiness
  • Tailored approaches to increase readiness

Motivation and Importance

  • Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation
  • Strategies to increase motivation to change
  • Values and strengths identification
  • Addressing ‘sustain’ talk (the patient’s reasons for not changing their behaviours) and discord (disharmony in the relationship)

Overcoming barriers

  • Assessing and planning for barriers
  • Enhancing facilitators of health change
  • Identifying gaps in support, skills and knowledge

Supporting Patients to Set Goals and Take Action

  • Setting of SMART goals
  • Developing an action plan for 1-2 SMART goals
  • Methods of tracking and evaluation
  • Review and follow up

Overcoming Resistance and Offering Advice

  • Strategies to increase autonomy
  • Providing eduction and offering advice
  • Dealing with discord
  • Problem solving

Coaching with Confidence

  • Refine coaching skills
  • Putting it all together in practice

Health Coaching Practice Requirements

  • Scope of Practice
  • Ethical conduct



  • 16 week course
  • 11 weekly webinars (recording available on demand)
  • 10 training modules (available online to access at your convenience)
  • 2 bonus review webinars (skill consolidation, peer to peer coach and trainer feedback)
  • Practice coaching sessions and feedback
  • Downloadable handouts and client resources
  • Private peer support group

Dates: 8th October – 17th December and 2 bonus review sessions on 14th January and 21st January

Cost of course – $2000 or payment plans available starting from $115 per week:


Shivaun Conn, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Health Coach, Certified Trainer and Assessor, Director of Discovery Health Coaching, and Accredited Health Coaching Australia, co-author of the nationally accredited Victoria University Diploma of Health Coaching, and Vice President of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Sharon Curtain, Dietitian, Health Coach, Certified Trainer and Assessor, Director of Accredited Health Coaching Australia and creator and author of the nationally accredited Victoria University Diploma of Health Coaching.

Further Information

Information about this course and other health coaching courses can be found via our website: or email Sharon or Shivaun: [email protected]