Your annual opportunity to get up to speed on the latest foodservice information, presented exclusively by Dietitian Connection and Nutrition and Catering Consultancy. You’re invited to our annual symposium, rounding up the best of what’s new in foodservice. 

Hear from industry-leading experts, gain practical tips and solutions, network with colleagues and walk away armed with the knowledge you need to remain on top of your game. Our topics this year cover a diverse range of interests applicable to the field, and include: strategies for sustainability; making the most of co-design; leveraging state-of-the-art cooking technology; and a room -service case study applicable to your own projects. Our esteemed speakers have been specially selected to contribute a unique approach to advancing foodservice, and include Luke Mangan, Carol Rothschild, Dr. Tobias Andreasson, Carmel Lazarus, Brian Lennox and Dr. Karen Abbey.

About our speakers

From Planes, Trains, Ships to Shore: How the Principles of Superior Foodservice Apply to Any Venue presented by Luke Mangan In our exclusive question and answer session with Luke Mangan, one of Australia’s leading chefs, we’ll pick his brain on how he delivers superior foodservice standards in a unique set of venues – from planes, trains, ships to shore. Luke Mangan is one of Australia’s leading chefs, and is internationally regarded as one of the country’s best-known exports. He is renowned for his unexpected creations and for cooking that aims to enhance and accentuate, rather than mask, the natural taste of the ingredients.
Harnessing Today’s Technology to Benefit Foodservice presented by Brian Lennox Are you taking advantage of the latest cooking technology to deliver safer, healthier, more efficient and budget-friendly menus? Time to get educated on the newest innovations that you can easily utilize in meal and menu planning. – Enable greater menu choice; – Provide flexibility in cooking and meal service; – Increase shelf life of food products; and – Remain compliant with food safety Brian Lennox heads up the experienced design team at Universal Foodservice Designs (UFD), a consultancy firm specialising in the sustainable designs of commercial laundry and foodservice operations. At UFD, Brian and his colleagues offer customers a design process based around compliance with HACCP, safe food regulations and all relevant Australian & New Zealand foodservice and laundry standards. Brian is also a Professional Member of the FCSI (Foodservice and Consultants Society International).
Sustainability in Foodservice: More than Just “The Right Thing to Do” presented by Carol Rothschild Creating a sustainable foodservice program is more than just ticking a box and saying you’ve done the right thing. It’s a concerted, coordinated effort to maximize your resources, minimize your waste, improve your bottom line and achieve greater efficiency overall – all while helping our environment. Through this presentation, Carol will explain the importance of sustainability in foodservice, through practical applications and strategies that can be used in your operation. These include: – How to make your facility sustainable, from food to recycling – Where to apply sustainable practices to increase production within your facility – Steps dietitians in foodservice can apply to create an impact and add value via sustainability – Who to get involved to make sustainability a practical and diverse application in your facility – Why sustainability is so easy to do with the right steps, the right people, the right methods and the right stakeholders Carol Rothschild has been working in the food and hospitality industry all her life. In addition to serving as Executive Officer for Foodservice Industry Australia for the last 15 years, she is also a consultant to the hospitality and foodservice sectors, and is very active in the industry as a member of many food-based committees. As a trained chef and hotelier, Carol has seen all sides of the industry develop and grow, and has acquired strategies for becoming more sustainable — a key factor for future development. Carol is also Director of House of Rothschild, which is based in Melbourne and works around Australia, with some projects based overseas.

Co-design: What, Why — and How Can It Benefit Foodservice? presented by Dr. Tobias Andreasson Foodservice projects often require input from customers, carers, foodservice staff and management. A great solution for managing this challenge is co-design, a participatory approach to collaboration centred on a multi-user platform that seeks to include contributions from all relevant stakeholders. Co-design involves learning FROM service users, but it also involves learning, testing and creating WITH service users. The co-design methods and tools we use at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation can be adapted for a range of purposes, particularly for people working in the health and service sector. In this presentation, you will get an insight into how we understand co-design, how it is used (tools and examples) and why it is a method that can be very useful when working with diverse people in the foodservice field. When encouraging and supporting people to make positive changes in their lives, a collaborative way to design that change will often be most effective.   Dr Tobias Andreasson has a multidisciplinary background, and specialises in social research, transformative processes and human centred design. Currently, he works for the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), which is a social enterprise focusing on developing, testing and spreading innovations that change lives for the people who need it most. Over the last 15 years, Tobias has worked as an educator, lecturer, photographer, designer and social researcher. Central to his work has been a desire to explore and develop social insights and social change with people from all backgrounds. Tobias has a PhD in Sociology, a MA (Research) in Media and Communication and a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (honours).

Case study: Getting Your Room-Service Project Over the Line presented by Carmel Lazarus Get organized. Get strategic. Get your foodservice project green-lighted. Sit back and listen to a firsthand perspective on a room-service project that got over the line through strategic planning and program design. You’ll learn to create a framework for writing a business case – and how to avoid common pitfalls; how to develop a strategy that benefits your organisation and its goals; and how to apply the learnings of this case study broadly within foodservice, such as introducing new systems, new equipment, new IT support and more.   Carmel Lazarus is the Project Manager of Room Service / Food System Redesign and and Standardisation at the Mater Hospital, Sydney. She possesses a keen interest in maximising good nutrition through effective service planning and design. She brings senior-level leadership experience in allied health, clinical dietetics and food services in public, private health, aged care and private practice settings, both in Australia and globally. Carmel also enjoys lecturing at The University of Sydney, and consulting to community groups and industry in system re-design, particularly in foodservice.
Practical workshop: challenges and solutions for Dietitians working in Aged Care presented by Dr Karen Abbey Dr Karen Abbey understands the hurdles Dietitians encounter in aged care settings. Get ready to clear these hurdles – and create positive strategies for change – in this engaging workshop! We will tackle, and find solutions to, the following hurdles: – Dealing with meal services when there is high food and fluid waste – Calling attention to nutrition and hydration risk – Improving the dining room experience – What to do when challenged on quality and equity of menu planning – The task of meals and how to promote dietitians’ value in Foodservice Dr Karen Abbey is a passionate foodservice dietitian and has worked extensively across the foodservice sector, both in Australia and overseas. Karen has a number of roles in the foodservice arena; she is a Foodservice Ambassador for Church Resources and is a Foodservice Lecturer at The University of Queensland. Karen is the Director of Nutrition and Catering Consultancy and publishes the Nutrition and Catering Global Hub – an online publication supporting those working in foodservices. Karen promotes the importance of quality in foodservices; her work involves foodservice system, training, menu planning, designing unique recipes to support foodservice and nutrition in Australia and finding practical solutions for those working in this sector.

Have you delivered solutions, solved problems or otherwise helped to advance the area of foodservices? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve opened up our call for abstracts for Essentials of Foodservices. To gain consideration for a speaking appearance at the symposium (and free entry), please refer to details here. (Submissions close 30 June).