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About our speakers

From Planes, Trains, Ships to Shore: How the Principles of Superior Foodservice Apply to Any Venue presented by Luke Mangan.
Luke Mangan is one of Australia’s leading chefs, and is internationally regarded as one of the country’s best-known exports. He is renowned for his unexpected creations and for cooking that aims to enhance and accentuate, rather than mask, the natural taste of the ingredients.

Harnessing Today’s Technology to Benefit Foodservice presented by Brian Lennox.
Brian Lennox heads up the experienced design team at Universal Foodservice Designs (UFD), a consultancy firm specialising in the sustainable designs of commercial laundry and foodservice operations..

Sustainability in Foodservice: More than Just “The Right Thing to Do” presented by Carol Rothschild. 
Carol Rothschild
has been working in the food and hospitality industry all her life. In addition to serving as
Executive Officer for Foodservice Industry Australia for the last 15 years, she is also a consultant to the hospitality and foodservice sectors, and is very active in the industry as a member of many food-based committees

Co-design: What, Why — and How Can It Benefit Foodservice?
presented by Dr. Tobias Andreasson. 
Dr Tobias Andreasson has a multidisciplinary background, and specialises in social research, transformative processes and human centred design. Currently, he works for the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), which is a social enterprise focusing on developing, testing and spreading innovations that change lives for the people who need it most.

Case study: Getting Your Room-Service Project Over the Line presented by Carmel Lazarus.
Carmel Lazarus
is the Project Manager of Room Service / Food System Redesign and and Standardisation at the Mater Hospital, Sydney. She brings senior-level leadership experience in allied health, clinical dietetics and food services in public, private health, aged care and private practice settings, both in Australia and globally. Carmel also enjoys lecturing at The University of Sydney, and consulting to community groups and industry in system re-design, particularly in foodservice.

Practical workshop: challenges and solutions for Dietitians working in Aged Care presented by Dr Karen Abbey.
Dr Karen Abbey is a passionate foodservice dietitian and has worked extensively across the foodservice sector, both in Australia and overseas. Karen has a number of roles in the foodservice arena; she is a Foodservice Ambassador for Church Resources and is a Foodservice Lecturer at The University of Queensland. Karen is the Director of Nutrition and Catering Consultancy and publishes the Nutrition and Catering Global Hub – an online publication supporting those working in foodservices.

Dietitian abstract presentations


The Cost of Food Waste presented by Kathy Faulkner.
This research quantified [in dollar food costs] the amount of waste created from the production and service of main meals and portion-controlled packaged foods at a tertiary paediatric hospital, then estimated the impact of chef error and recipe error on the nutritional profile of main meals and food waste.

Taking a health-focused approach to marketing: a collaborative project between InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Nutrition Australia (NA) presented by Zoe Taylor.
This project aimed to improve the nutritional value of meals provided to kids, and improve the guest experience for families with children at Holiday Inn hotels resorts throughout Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Meal preparation methods in aged care – a study in the use of unprocessed or minimally processed, and ultra-processed foods in a group of not-for- profit and private aged care homes presented by Ge Ge.
With menu planning focusing on “fresh is best”, and utilising unprocessed or minimally processed foods, the authors set out to review current meal preparation methods and to gain information on menu-planning perceptions.

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