The field of Dietetics is growing and the scope of practice is rapidly changing. With the limited positions and competitive nature of the public health sector many new graduate dietitians are seeking employment in the private sector. Adding to the attraction of the private sector is the flexibility, creative freedom and rise of online platforms. Traditional university training and education does not adequately prepare dietitians entering this sector. Developing a skill set, specific knowledge and accessing support through your career as a private practice dietitian can ensure your sustainability, long term success, enjoyment and impact within this evolving field of dietetics.

This workshop will explore many issues that often challenge a dietitian in the early stages of a private practice career.

Core components will include:
1. Understanding the business requirements
2. How to negotiate contracts to increase your profitability
3. Essential equipment, skills and resources for running clinics
4. Finding your niche
Through discussion, case studies, practical exercises and handouts this workshop introduces the essential knowledge, skills and resources required to feel confident in starting your dream dietetic career.

About the Speakers

Jodie and Lisa are both Nutrition and Dietetic graduates from The University of Newcastle, Accredited Practising Dietitians and Accredited Nutritionists. For over 10 years they have successfully worked in the private practice sector.

Taking on the challenge of starting two private practice businesses – Optimum Intake Dietitians and Myrtle Oak Clinic – has been a passion and dream for Jodie. Jodie and her highly dedicated team have created a well respected reputation and strong referral base ensuring the sustainability and success of their brand. Being an intuitive entrepreneur, continuously learning and evolving both professionally and personally, guided Jodie’s journey of starting, running and growing a business whilst creating a unique market niche for all of Optimum Intake Dietitians has resulted in an inspiring, passionate and supportive team of 5 Dietitians.

Lisa Patrick is a senior dietitian who joined Optimum Intake in it’s infancy and has contributed to it’s growth and success over the past decade. She has extensive experience in helping clients manage a vast range of health conditions, providing dietetic support to children, adults, the aged care and disability sectors.  Lisa’s flexible attitude and systematic approach to conducting consults have been an asset to the team, business and clients.

Together Jodie and Lisa bring a comprehensive, inspiring and passionate attitude, combined with the understanding of real-life experiences and challenges of living and working in the nutrition industry. Jodie and Lisa both provide supervision and mentoring to dietitians and are committed to supporting and strengthening the private practice sector.

What you will learn:

At completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the key and essential steps to organise a private practice from the ground up
  • Feel confident in reading over contracts, negotiating pay and rental offers
  • Advocate for the role of dietitians within the health industry
  • Identifying the skills and resources for a productive clinic set up
  • Identifying your niche to grow your business with the clients you want
  • Feel confident and supported in moving forward in private practice

How this will help you as a private practice dietitian:

  • Build specific and essential knowledge and practices
  • Enhance the experience and sustainability of all this industry has to offer and make it work for you!
  • Develop confidence in your ability to be a nutrition leader and identify your unique attributes