ED for RDs was created just for Registered Dietitians to develop specialized counselling skills to support individuals affected by eating disorders. Learn how to compassionately, confidently, and competently help your client move from a place of disorder to a place of healing.

During this 6 module course + 2 BONUS modules, Shawna Melbourn, RD, CEDRD, CIEC will walk you through the necessary steps to take when you are supporting an individual struggling with an eating disorder.  You will learn from Shawna’s almost 15 years of experience working with this vulnerable and rewarding population.

Here is some information about the course:

  • 1 FULL YEAR access to all of the course material!
  • 17 CEUs
  • 12 LIVE Q&A sessions that are recorded – watch the videos and learn at your own pace
    As long as you have internet access, you’ll be able to consume the material whenever and wherever you choose
  • Access to the secret Facebook Group that is limited to just the course participants
  • Informative and interactive modules that cover important strategies for any Dietitian working with people with eating challenges – whether an Eating Disorder or disordered eating
    Each of the modules will cover basic to advance tools and include complex case studies that will help you learn the best way possible to help your clients

Interactive, highly informative 12 LIVE CALLS!
126 LIVE calls with me, Shawna Melbourn, RD, CEDRD, CIEC and your peers! This is where you can  get your questions answered and learn from other participants
Each live call will be recorded, so if you aren’t able to make the live calls, you’ll have access to the recording and you can watch and learn at your own pace
Can’t make the live call, no worries! Just send your questions to me in advance and I will answer them during the live calls
Over 14 HOURS of learning material – this is WAY MORE information than most of us received in school!!

I have also included some 2 BONUS modules!

BONUS Module #1 is where two world renowned Psychologists, Dr. Katherine Henderson and Dr. Shari Mayman discuss the emotional and psychological underpinnings of eating disorders. As we know eating disorders are about the food, but also not about the food all at the same time. Which is only one of the many reasons why I value having a psychologist on my client’s treatment team – you’ll get to learn from these two talented Psychologists as they shine with their brilliance, knowledge and compassion.

BONUS Module #2 is where I interview Rachel. Rachel bravely volunteered her time to provide all of you with invaluable insight into what it was like for her to struggle with her life threatening eating disorder. She also walks you through how she was able to change her life into a joyful, colourful and beautiful recovered life.

Head over to www.edforrds.com/course-info to take advantage of the Early Bird price of $395 CDN! Regular price will apply after September 26, 2018