This event, in its sixth year, brings together dietitians and nutritionists from around Australia and the world to unite and showcase inspiring leadership and innovations. We invite you to be a part of Dietitians Unite 2019 at the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney.


This year, we’ll be offering three streams: clinical, business and how to get that job between our opening and closing speakers. This is in direct response to feedback from previous years’ events, in which you told us that you’d like to be able to focus your time on the topics that interest you most.

  • Clinical / Business stream: $269 ($197 early bird – ends 4th Feb 2019) + gst
  • How to get that job stream: $169 + gst

Breakfast workshop: Leadership Starts from Within
Breakfast will be served during this presentation & workshop from 7.30-8.30am (prior to the main event).
Only 50 places available  


Speakers include:

  • Peter Greste and Taryn Brumfitt
  • Dr Andrew Davies, Tobie Puttock and Amy Smith
  • Clinical: Dr Joanna McMillan, Melissa Adamski, Dr Kate Marsh, Kellie Allen
  • Business: Lyndi Cohen, Emma Stirling, Olivia Ruello, Philip  Bonanno
  • How to get that job: Rhiannon Barnes


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Dr Andrew Davies: Leadership Starts from Within

If you’ve flown on a plane, you’ve heard the expression, “First put on your own oxygen mask, and then help others.” Now, apply this to yourself as a leader. If you want to be an inspiring and effective leader, you first need to get your own house in order. This means looking inward: practicing self-care and looking after yourself; nurturing and supporting your dreams; and becoming the best version of yourself. Only then will you be well positioned to become a beacon of health, so that you can inspire others toward change.

 Dr Andrew Davies is an intensive care specialist who has performed clinical research in the field of critical care nutrition for over 20 years. He’s seen humanity in the intimidating environment of the ICU. From it, he’s emerged with inspiring lessons on how you can be your best self – and an example to others. If you manage teams of any size, you won’t want to miss this breakfast presentation and Andrew’s unique approach on becoming an effective leader by first looking within.
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Peter Greste: In Defense of Freedom: Finding the Inner Fortitude to Overcome Adversity

While a foreign correspondent, Peter Greste was sentenced to seven years and spent 400 days in prison on “terrorism charges.” The letters he wrote while behind bars speak eloquently to the need for freedom of the press, and today he is heralded for his work to advance human rights. Peter will speak on the lessons he learned on the power of the mind; the steps we can take when facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge; and how we can turn adversity into opportunity and tap into our true purpose — for the betterment of others.

Taryn Brumfitt:  Learn to Love the Skin You’re In

Taryn Brumfitt posted a unique before and after photo on social media, the after shot was a healthier and happier Taryn, in contrast to the usual slimmer “after photos.” The post went viral and Taryn realised she needed to share her journey and message of body love with the world. She created the documentary Embrace – which gained global applause – and founded The Body Image Movement, now an internationally recognised mission to empower all women across the globe to better accept, enjoy and appreciate their bodies. Taryn will lay bare her journey and discuss how dietitians can be leaders in body-positivity.

Dr Joanna McMillan: The Gut Microbiome and the Role of the Dietitian

In this session Joanna will share her experiences of working on the Gut Revolution documentary with ABC Catalyst, the key learnings having interviewed experts around the globe, and discuss the potential for the dietitian to get involved in research and in using microbiome tests and results in clinical practice and general healthy eating advice.
Supported by ProNourish

Melissa Adamski: Nutrigenomics – Where are We Now and What Do We Know?

It’s been 15 years since the mapping of the human genome, when it was proposed that nutritional genomics would revolutionise the way we practice nutrition. Now, let’s take a hard look at whether it has. The concept of tailoring diet and nutrition recommendations to one’s genetics is piquing the interest of both scientists and the general public. But can we really leverage information from genes to guide patients’ dietary recommendations? We’ll examine our current understanding on the science of food, nutrition, genomics and health – then look at how we can best translate nutrigenomics into nutrition practice.

Tobie Puttock & Amy Smith , The Good Foundation: Exclusively delivering ‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food’ and ‘Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg’ in Australia.

As dietitians well know, the growing list of health problems caused by poor diet and lack of food knowledge and skills affects all Australians. The Good Foundation was established in 2010 to focus on programs and projects that promote good health and nutrition. Our goal is to maximise the health, wellbeing and productivity of Australians and prevent obesity in our future generations. Prior to lunch, Tobie will host a brief cooking demonstration showcasing healthy and seasonal recipes, and Amy will share the latest news, including the launch of the in-school program ‘Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg.’

Dr Kate Marsh: Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes

There is a lot of confusion around the dietary management of diabetes, with many people advocating lower carbohydrate, higher fat diets for managing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. However, this ignores the significant body of evidence around the role of plant-based diets (particularly low fat vegan diets) in the prevention, management and reversal of type 2 diabetes. Kate will provide an overview of the current evidence for the role of a plant-based diet in the management of diabetes and will explain why this type of eating plan is not only beneficial for short-term glycemic management but also for reducing the long-term health risks associated with diabetes.

Kellie Allen: Attitudes are Contagious – Changing Lives Through Improved Communication 

Calling all leaders: ready to ascend to the next level? Kellie Allen will help you do this by imparting strategies to help you better connect and communicate in today’s health service industry. “Attitudes are contagious” is the foundation on which Kellie begins. As the co-creator of Australia’s CAPS (Communication and Patient Safety) program, she brings great expertise to the area of communication and patient advocacy. Kellie’s personal belief is that everyone is entitled to the best health care, free from the excess burden of suffering brought about by human error and communication breakdown. This promises to be an inspiring session that will leave you with an arsenal of tools to help bring about positive change, improve your communication and tackle organisational challenges.


Lyndi Cohen: The Lessons that Saved my Business 

When Lyndi graduated from University, she worried that she’d never be employed as a dietitian. When her fears came true, Lyndi was driven to start her own business and build a brand. Six years on, it turned out to the best job of all. Lyndi shares the hard lessons she learned along the way, from making a profit to standing out from the crowd.

Emma Stirling: Food first: what’s cooking in the growing field of culinary nutrition
Culinary nutrition is emerging as a dynamic field of employment and business opportunities for entrepreneurial dietitians. Join Emma as she explores key competencies and skills, areas of work and consulting services, professional development and upskilling with Australian and International case examples. She is one of Australia’s innovative, entrepreneurial and leading APDs in the areas of food and culinary nutrition, effective nutrition communication and mainstream plus digital media.

Olivia Ruello: #Goals: How to Find, Build and Support “Your Tribe” 

Olivia is in an enviable position – CEO of an organisation so many of us in the DC community know, love and belong to: Business Chicks. Now, here’s our chance to find out how Olivia and her team have created such an amazing tribe. She’ll share the story of how she built the Business Chicks community into a group of women passionate about each other’s growth and success — in a positive, non-competitive way. She’ll also tell us how Business Chicks developed its inimitable voice that we see and hear across all communications. Finally, Olivia will let us in on the secret of how she finds the inspiration to keep the brand so fresh and innovative. If you love Business Chicks – and who among us doesn’t? – you’ll love hearing from the leader of an organisation that inspires so many female [and male!] business leaders in Australia.

Philip Bonanno:  Apetite for Disruption

Philip Bonanno used to be a DJ. Today, he’s a client partner at Facebook, helping Australian retailers drive brand and sales growth. What’s his method? It’s all about disrupting the norms. Phil will shares his tips with us for helping your brand stand out, from capturing audience attention to telling your story visually,  boosting engagement, and experimenting to gain a greater share of the market. Get your appetite for disruption ready!

Rhiannon Barnes: Stand Out from the Crowd and Land Your Dream Job

No matter what stage you are at with your dietetic career, applying for positions, addressing criteria and interviewing never feels easy. Rhiannon Barnes has read more than 5,000 applications, interviewed hundreds of professionals (not just dietitians!) and written even more interview questions — all, to recruit the right person, for the right job. Rhiannon will share insights and perspectives, drawing upon her 15+ years of experience. She will teach you how to draw out our strengths and examples that will set you apart from the crowd, make you shine and showcase the best version of yourself.



See you in Sydney in March 2019!

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