In 2018, we’re taking Dietitians Day to a whole new level. It’s going to be big. So big, in fact, that it’s earned a name change.

Introducing Dietitians Unite 2018.

The venue this year is the gorgeous river city of sunny Brisbane and home of DC headquarters. Think: Southbank restaurants, cruising on City Cats, James Street shopping, incredible beaches just a short distance away and that beautiful Queensland climate.


New this year, we’ll be offering three streams: clinical, business and foodservice. This is in direct response to feedback from previous years’ events, in which you told us that you’d like to be able to focus your time on the topics that interest you most.

  • Student admission: $149 + gst
  • General tickets: $249 ($197 early bird – ends 2nd Feb 2018) + gst


Breakfast workshop:
A light breakfast will be served during this presentation & workshop from 7.30-8.30am (prior to the main event).


Speakers include:

  • Matthew Ames, Paul and Gabrielle Quilliam of Hummingbird House
  • Clinical: Hannah Brown, Tara MacGregor, Shane Jeffrey, Glenn Mackintosh
  • Business: Jason Smith, Rachael Bermingham, Kate Wengier
  • Foodservice: Dr Karen Abbey

About our speakers

Breakfast workshop: Dr Joanna McMillan: Health benefits of Mediterranean-style cooking of vegetables

Veggies are good for you, and we need to eat more! Please join us to hear an update on nutrition research on cooking vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the nutritional value of fresh vs frozen and canned veggies. Let’s discuss how this evidence translates to practical advice on the health benefits of Mediterranean-style cooking with taste plus convenience as motivators to get people enjoying vegetables for good health.
– Supported by Cobram Estate & Birds Eye Vegetables

Matthew Ames: Thriving in a World of Change

For Matthew Ames, a life-changing event in 2012 resulted in the loss of all four of his limbs. Now, he’ll share with us how he learned not only to survive – but to thrive.

Paul and Gabrielle Quilliam: Hummingbird House: A Queensland Success Story

Here’s a pitch-perfect study on identifying a need, developing a plan – and delivering results, to great success. Paul and Gabrielle will share how they led a powerful team of industry experts, as a joint initiative with Wesley Mission Queensland, to create Hummingbird House. Queensland’s only children’s hospice, it’s an integrated community-based service that offers flexible child and family-centred care.

Hannah Brown: A New App-roach to Nutrition and Portion-Size Education

Ready to get up to speed quickly on the latest resources for portion size guidance and nutrition education? Hannah will showcase tools — such as smartphone apps – that can help you positively impact client behaviour.

Tara MacGregor: Debriefing the ‘Deficit Detective’

Tara knows the hurdles dietitians face in reprogramming their practice to incorporate behaviour-change counselling skills. In this interactive session, she invites you to reflect on your current challenges, affirm your progress with developing such skills – and find opportunities for further development.

Shane Jeffrey: When Knowledge is Not Enough – Peeking Inside the Dietitians’ Toolbox for Behaviour Change

Time to challenge our traditional scope of practice – and help your clients toward positive change. Shane will share the benefits of gaining skills in supporting behaviour change and share resources to help you move beyond the traditional role of “information provider”.

Glenn Mackintosh: We Are All in This Together!

Charismatic psychologist Glenn Mackintosh shares his ideas on how dietitians and psychologists working at the forefront of health behaviour change can make important mindset shifts to improve outcomes – and grow business at the same time.

Dean Merlo: From the “Grounds” Up: Building a Business Based on Exceptional Customer Service.
Pull up a chair and grab your cup of coffee! We’re talking the business of coffee – and you’ll love hearing from this master of the art of espresso. Join Dean Merlo, founder of Brisbane’s own beloved Merlo Coffee, as he takes you on his journey from barrister to barista, and shares why the key to success is making exceptional customer service the standard – not the exception.

Jason Smith: Zero-to-100: My Personal Story and Lessons on Leadership

Dynamic, award-winning business leader Jason Smith (founder of the Back in Motion Health Group) will share honest and personal lessons learned on life purpose, stubborn will, the value of a like-minded team — and uncompromising leadership.

Rachael Bermingham: Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

Ready to turn your business from nothing to something? Learn from superwoman Rachael Bermingham, one of the country’s most successful authors (bestseller: 4 Ingredients) and a born entrepreneur, as she shares her insights on how to step into your potential and live life with purpose.

Kate Wengier: When Food and Fun Converge: How to Execute a Colourful – and Successful – Crowd Funding Campaign
“Overnight” success stories: reality or myth? Find out the truth from Foost’s Kate Wengier (The Family Dietitian) who brought her children’s book, “What If Vegetables Were People”, to life through a successful and colourful crowd funding campaign that combined fun with food. From turning the toughest of times into growth opportunities, to planning for her business’s future growth, Kate reflects back on her journey and leaves you with actionable steps to take on your own challenges.

Dr Karen Abbey: Become an Advocate for Change in Aged Care Foodservices
Ready to become a change agent in aged care? Come along for ideas and inspiration from one of Australia’s most diverse Foodservice Dietitians. Dr Karen Abbey is among the very few dietitians who have had the opportunity to manage, and transform, residential aged-care foodservices. Her passion and innovation will motivate you to blaze your own trail.


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See you in Brisbane in March!