Welcome to Cyber Carbs, the first and only interactive online carbohydrate counting course in Australia! Learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and apply your new skills right away. You’ll earn CPD points, receive a certificate of completion PLUS have access to a comprehensive range of downloadable resources for use in your clinic.

Who is this for?

  • Healthcare Professionals with patients with type 1 diabetes

  • Healthcare Professionals with patients with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes on flexible insulin therapy

  • Healthcare Professionals with an interest in diabetes

Carbohydrate counting is an important skill for any healthcare professionals working closely with people impacted by diabetes. Our new online course, Cyber Carbs has been developed by the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre team in consultation with leading diabetes clinicians and community members to be informative, fun and easy-to-follow.

The ten-module course provides you with the latest evidence-based theory and practical advice, including:

  • Carbohydrate counting accuracy

  • Impact of glycaemic index, fat and protein on blood glucose levels

  • Carbohydrate counting apps and resources

  • Insulin to carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity