— by Tara MacGregor PACFA Reg Clinical & APD — 


The clientele and context of modern day health service is changing for many Dietitians.  We are working with increasingly complex presentations as multimorbidity, including mental health issues, become common place amongst our clients. Time pressures, working with families and outcome demands from referrers, are often thrown in the daily mix of challenge. Add to this the emerging complexities of social media, out of hours contacts and self-disclosure and it’s no wonder Dietitians are feeling the strain. Let’s not overlook the impact of working behaviourally with clients – this is a whole new ball game of counselling skill set and one that can leave us exposed to unchartered territories if we aren’t well supported.

Typically, managing professional boundaries including those described above, are not taught in Dietetic training. Most of us are left to learn the hard way i.e. from our mistakes! This can be a tough road and it’s not too far of a stretch to consider the impact boundary management has on our stress levels and burn out risk. Managing professional boundaries isn’t just good for clients – it’s good for the practitioner too. Professional boundary management could be considered the essential ingredient for the highest quality, sustainable practice we can deliver.

Practice Pavestones will be facilitating foundational training in this vital practice area for Dietitians in September in Melbourne and Sydney. Titled: Understanding Professional Boundaries: Working Sustainably & Ethically with Clients in Contemporary Dietetic Practice the workshop will support attendees to become more aware of their responsibility in containing complex work effectively whilst managing their own self-care and burn out risk. Through discussion, case review, reflection & demonstration, this workshop will equip you with practical strategies to feel more confident in managing the grey areas and the not so grey areas of contemporary Dietetic practice. Pavestones’ signature small group, experiential format will ensure a restorative and empowering learning experience.


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Melbourne September 13th.  Early Bird Closes 21st August 2018 | CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Sydney September 28th. Early Bird Closes 31st August 2018 | CLICK HERE TO VIEW