The team of Accredited Practising Dietitians at Nutrition Professionals Australia have developed a wide range of nutrition education resources for use with individuals and groups. These professionally presented resources are based on the latest scientific evidence and are regularly expanded and updated as new information becomes available. Resources can be downloaded and printed onto your own letterhead or template. An annual subscription entitles you to download and print over 180 client information resources as often as needed. We will provide you with details of layout to be able to personalise the printing of these resources onto template with your own logo and practice details. Alternatively NPA is able to personalise the resources electronically with your own logo and details. NPA’s resources are an excellent tool for sole or private practitioners. They may be used in individual counselling in a private practice, when providing education for patients in a hospital, a residential care facility or at home, or may be provided as handouts to individuals who attend a group education session. Save time and energy in developing these resources yourself! The set includes a number of resources intended for use with clients needing nutrition support- Nourishing Fluid Recipes, Fortification Ideas and Recipes etc. Annual subscription- $600 in first year, $300 renewal. Personalised resources with dietitian name and details- $1000 in first year, $500 renewal. Student discounts apply. Nutrition Professionals Australia 2/ 191 Melbourne St North Adelaide SA 5006 Ph; 1300 227 100 Fax: 1300 227 120

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