This week we interviewed Melanie McGrice about the story behind the upcoming marketing workshops “Stand out from the crowd”. We can’t wait to hear her marketing tips at the workshop!

1. Where did the idea for these workshops stem from? I’ve always been passionate about seeing dietitians succeed in business, and I was discussing this with a colleague and explaining how I’d love to see a marketing roadshow designed especially for dietitians. She mentioned that Maree Ferguson had said the same thing to her just the week before and put us in touch. I gave Maree a call, we met for coffee and the ideas bubbled out of us both….we could all see that there was a need, so we got to work, and after a year of hard work (and fifteen years refining my marketing skills before that!) we’re ready to share what we know with other dietitians!

2. How have you learnt so much about marketing? When I was applying for my university applications, I was debating between working in marketing/media/PR versus dietetics. As I got the grades to study a Science degree, I went down the dietetic path, but I was always unconvinced, and even worked at a PR company whilst I was studying. After completing my Honours in Nutrition, I took a year off and worked in PR full time for a year which then helped me make the decision to become a dietitian and use my media and marketing skills to get dietetics messages out into the public arena. As a dietitian running my own business I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing courses and am often surprised at how little time other dietitians in private practice have invested on learning marketing skills. This seminar provides me with a way to share a little of what I’ve learnt with other dietitians. The more we all learn about how to market our businesses better, the more our profession, and our message will grow.

3. What do you expect dietitians to get out of these workshops? Maree and I have spent the last year interviewing inspiring dietitians from all around the world on their marketing secrets for our book which will be launched with the workshops – so we have a lot of great information to share. Although the book will be a ‘must read’ for every dietitian, the workshops aim to be very practical with dedicated time for participants to actually work on their marketing plan – with Maree and I, plus a room full of others, there to hold your hand and help you get started.

4. Where can we learn more about the Stand Out From The Crowd workshops? The workshops will be running in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane from October – December. To learn more please download the e-brochure or visit the online workshops page to register today.

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