New arrivals and migrants with low English literacy face a number of issues surrounding food on arrival in Australia including negotiating an unfamiliar food supply, meeting the demands of children desperate to fit in with peers at school and the desire to preserve traditional customs.

The Healthy Eating Local Policies and Programs (HELPP) Project  is funded by the South Australian Department of Health and led by Nutrition and Dietetics, Flinders University. Project Officers Lynn Field and Liz House were approached by a Community Development Officer working in community centres to the North of Adelaide to develop and trial a food literacy program with a group of Muslim women from diverse backgrounds attending craft classes.

As a result of the trial a picture-based nutrition program was developed and is now available in two versions; Healthy Eating on a Plate: eating for health made simple and Healthy Eating on a Plate: eating for health for CALD communities.

The program is designed to be delivered by workers without a nutrition background. Each module consists of a Presenters Handbook, script and flashcards, class activity sheets (with answers), evaluation templates and detailed instructions for demonstrations that illustrate key points. Some modules also include handouts and fact sheets. In addition, the Key Safety Steps, which are incorporated into Module 1: Food Handling and Storage, have been included as a separate standalone file that may be presented at the start of any program that includes cooking to remind participants of safe food handling practices.

The modules can be run as single sessions or an entire program over six weeks.

Each version of the  program is made up of the following modules:

·        User Guide (includes guide to evaluation)

·        Module 1 : Food Handling and Storage

·        Module 2 Part 1: General Healthy Eating

·        Module 2 Part 2: General Healthy Eating

·        Module 3 : Cooking and Processing Methods

·        Module 4 : Label reading

·        Module 5 : Key Nutrients

·        Module 6 : Food and Teeth Health

·        Key Food Safety Steps (a mini module that can be presented at the beginning of any program that includes cooking to remind participants of safe food handling practices.

All modules include:

·        Presenters Handbook (includes session plan, checklist, overview, links to further readings, activities, answers, handouts, copy of flashcards and script

·        A3 script and flashcards (can be downloaded and presented in an A3 flipchart for those settings without PowerPoint facilities

·        Powerpoint

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