Gastrointestinal Issues in Endurance Athletes – Dietary factors to consider

Gastrointestinal distress in endurance athletes is a burden which affects peak performance

Presenter: Stephanie Gaskell

The presentation will cover:

  • How common are GI symptoms in athletes? Main focus of presentation – endurance athletes
  • Types of GI symptoms experienced by endurance athletes
  • Causes of GI symptoms
  • Practical recommendations that may help prevent GI symptoms

    Training status

    Fluids – hydration and composition

    Timing of meals

    Fibre, fat and protein

    Types of carbohydrate


This presentation can be used as assessable Continuing Professional Development points. Sports Dietitians Australia value this webinar at 10 points for viewing the presentation and an additional 10 points for answering the MCQs, 20 in total.

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