Diabetes Counselling Online – free, easy access, to professional and peer support for all people living with diabetes

Diabetes Counselling Online www.diabetescounselling.com.au is an online diabetes counselling and education service for all Australian people living with all types of diabetes, their families and friends. Founded in 2001 by Helen Edwards, we are a not for profit, gift deductible charity and remain the only  organisation offering e-services focused on the connections between diabetes and wellbeing. Our aim is connecting people with diabetes and their families to a better quality of life. Services are offered via email and online in groups and forums, across our website and Facebook. In 2014 we will offer a 1300 number for short term telephone advice and support.

Helen started the website in 2001 as she had been living with type 1 diabetes since 1979 and had “grown up” and realized she felt alone with her diabetes. Seeking support and guidance around her own wellbeing, she was unable to find this and Diabetes Counselling Online was born. With growing recognition about the high rates of depression, anxiety, lowered quality of life and moderate to high levels of distress for many people living with diabetes, the timing was perfect as the world began to realize that this kind of support is vital to outcomes in diabetes care. This has now been reinforced through a variety of research projects and publications across the globe over the past decade, including the DAWN and DAWN2 studies and Diabetes MILES.

The focus at Diabetes Counselling Online is the connections between diabetes, mental health and wellbeing. Peer support is vital to this and we encourage connections between people with diabetes and the involvement of peers in the facilitation of our online forums and groups. We offer counselling and diabetes education together which has been shown to be vital in outcomes for problems such as depression and diabetes distress, as well as support and connections with other people living with diabetes in the growing diabetes online community.

As well as having professional qualifications and experience, all of our team have personal experience of life with diabetes . This includes people with qualifications in psychology, counselling, education, dietetics, social work and diabetes education.

Exciting Developments for 2013- 2014!

•E-book launches:  Stay tuned for more later in 2013 as our first e-book about diabetes burnout hits the e-store and more to follow!

•Diabetes Dino® – we are keeping this under wraps, but stay tuned for our special e-book and tool for kids and parents with diabetes to be born!

•Diabetes Apps – we have two very exciting Apps in development with a planned release of November 2013 – watch this space!

If you would like any further information about the above developments please hop  on the website at www.diabetescounselling.com.au or email [email protected]