This resource is from Queensland Health 2013.

The Closing the Gap commitments force Queensland Health to reflect on the past and say very clearly – we can and must change the way we do business. In order to take a genuine step forward so that Queensland Health can mature into a culturally capable organisation, the following statements need to be embedded into the ethos of this organisation:

  • Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health is everyone’s business.
  • All Queensland Health staff are bound by the Queensland Government commitment to close the gap in health inequities between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other Queenslanders.
  • Services must be culturally and clinically responsive and appropriate in order to close the gap.
  • We acknowledge and respect the diversity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures and their right to equitable, accessible and quality health care.
  • Cultural capability, just like clinical capability, is an ongoing journey of continuous individual learning and organisational improvement, in order to ensure best practice in health service delivery. 

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